Research infrastructure at Lund University

Lund University has a well-developed research infrastructure. Many of the unique and world-leading research laboratories have an established specialisation in the food sector and are used in research on different parts of the food production chain – from plant to consumer.

Aerosol Lab

The world-leading Aerosol Lab at the Division of Ergonomics and Aerosol Technology (Department of Design Sciences, LTH) consists of three large halls and four smaller premises. The halls contain a wind tunnel, an experiment chamber and a number of smaller experiment boxes. There are also a large number of instruments for advanced measuring of airborne particles and a chamber in which test subjects can be exposed to particles to monitor effects on the lungs and cardiovascular system, such as examining how people react to the smell of fried food.

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Usability Lab

The Usability Lab (Department of Design Sciences, LTH) can be used to observe the interplay between humans and products or between humans and humans under controlled conditions. Video and sound recording can be used in conjunction with user studies and interviews to study, for example, consumers’ attitudes to new foods and their packaging.

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Biosafety Level 2 Laboratory

The application area of the unique Biosafety Level 2 Labo- ratory (The Centre for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, LTH) is mainly in microbiology, in particular concerning pat- hogenic agents that present a potential hazard to people and the environment. The laboratory’s modern premises are a well-utilised resource for teaching and research.

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Food for Health Laboratory

The Food for Health Laboratory (The Functional Food Science Centre, Medicon Village) is used for carrying out diet interventions on healthy test subjects. The focus is on studies of the effects of various foods on risk factors for obesity, type 2 diabetes and related diseases. Facilities include a test kitchen and laboratories for test sampling in conjunction with acute or extended interventions. Capacity is available for managing several parallel interventions.

The laboratory also includes the Memory Lab where speci - cally developed memory tests are used in studies of cognitive performance in relation to diet and risk factors for disease. Another section, the Gut Microbiome Laboratory, has instrumentation for complete intestinal  ora characterisation, which includes the use of next generation sequencing technology.

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Humanities Laboratory

The Humanities Laboratory (Faculties of Humanities and Theology) is an interdisciplinary research and training resource for researchers, teaching staff and students. The Humanities Laboratory supports research on culture, communication and cognition with a humanities profile, while also offering attractive cooperation interfaces between science, medicine and engineering. Here, young researchers in new constellations can formulate the research issues of tomorrow and collaborate on the complicated task to understand (the humanities), explain (natural sciences) and improve (engineering) the condition of humans as communicating and learning beings. In the food sector, innovative studies have been carried out involving methods such as eye tracking to examine consumer behaviour in shops and reactions to different types of marketing.

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MAX IV Laboratory

Max IV is a national facility for which Lund University acts as the host university. The accelerator at MAX IV produces X-ray beams of very high intensity and quality. Around 1,000 resear- chers from around the world will visit the lab each year to use the X-ray beams in research to make the invisible visible. MAX IV’s new facility is the most brilliant X-ray source in the world.

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Pilot Production Plant

The Pilot Production Plant at the Department of Food Technology, LTH, is a 400 m2 facility containing a broad range of equipment in which food technology processes can be run, such as heating, sterilisation, cooling, freezing, drying and various types of separation. The Pilot Production Plant is used to conduct research on an industrially relevant scale, as well as students’ project and lab work. The plant makes it possible to create bridges between leading-edge research on a laboratory scale and practical innovations. The combination of being able to conduct experiments on a relevant scale and evaluate them using ultramodern technology helps to make Lund University outstanding in food research.

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Thermal Environment Lab

The Thermal Environment Lab can be used to study the effect of different drinks on human physiology when working in high temperatures. The lab has two climate chambers in which the temperature can be varied from +5° to +60°C and -50° to +20°C respectively. The humidity of the heat chamber can also be varied.

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Virtual Reality Lab

The Virtual Reality Lab is an interdisciplinary meeting point for visualisation and new interaction technologies. Collaborations have been conducted in both the academic world in the form of research projects and courses, and with the private and public sectors. The large demonstration hall contains several display systems for experiencing high immersion, i.e. the feeling of being totally surrounded by a virtual environment. Studies carried out here on stress and probiotics are an important resource for food-related studies.

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Other parts of the research infrastructure

MyCareer is Lund University’s own job and career portal and Europe’s largest career network for students and new gra- duates. Students can register and gain access to jobs, degree projects, internships and trainee places in Sweden and inter- nationally. You can follow your favourite employers via status updates and receive messages about relevant vacancies.

VentureLab is a part of Lund University and is active in en- couraging entrepreneurship and helping students and new graduates who are thinking of starting their own busines- ses. Since it was established in 2001, thousands of students have followed the idea-to-reality process. VentureLab offers inspirational activities (events, lectures and workshops), a free service for con dential idea and business development and free of ce space at Ideon Agora.

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