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Lund University – a leading knowledge partner in the food sector

Lund University is the largest higher education institution in the Nordic countries with over 40,000 students at eight faculties. Food Studies is one of the University’s strong areas. Lund University has broad, multifaceted and high-quality activities covering the entire food and packaging sector. This breadth is matched by few other higher education institutions and means that Lund University has something to offer for those seeking knowledge about food, either you are professionally active in the food sector or a consumer. Lund University offers many alternatives within Food Studies. Whether you want to study food at the cellular and molecular level or get a holistic view of the food sector, Lund is the place for you.

At Lund University there is research and education on everything from land and marine studies of cultivation, raw material and food production, processing, logistics and packaging, to retail and consumers. In addition, Lund University is an important partner for the development of food sector innovations. The University is a starting point for products, services and concepts that help to address future challenges in the food sector. This concerns issues such as sustainability and personal health, as well as enhanced sensory experiences and increased understanding of how cultural and societal life can develop on the basis of good meals. 

Lund University Food Studies (LUFO) is a unifying platform for all the activities in the various parts of the food sector. Visit for a clear overview of the food sector at Lund University. We offer an entry point regardless of what you are interested in, and lead you onwards to the right research group or programme. 

Lund University has a number of collaborations at international, national and regional levels – all with an aim to develop the food of the future. International Master’s and PhD programmes and high-quality national and international research projects make Lund University a natural choice as a partner for international collaborations.


  • Shows the competencies in the food sector at Lund University. Students, researchers, decision-makers in society and industry, as well as research funders find through LUFO information and communication links within different parts in the food area clearly at Lund University
  • Communicates clearly food research at Lund University to various stakeholders, both internally and externally
  • Works for new cooperation opportunities within the University, but also with the community to generate high-quality research, innovation and new businesses.


Steering committee

Yvonne Granfeldt, ordförande, Lunds Tekniska Högskola 

Ulf Johansson, vice ordförande, Ekonomihögskolan 

Charlotte Erlanson-Albertsson, Medicinska fakulteten 

Annika Nilsson, Juridiska fakulteten 

Annika Olsson, Lunds tekniska högskola 

Helena Sandberg, Samhällsvetenskapliga fakulteten 

Olov Sterner, Naturvetenskapliga fakulteten 

Annika Wallin, Humanistiska och Teologiska fakulteterna

Lena Ekelund Axelson, Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet Alnarp (SLU)

Lotta Törner, Livsmedelsakademin

Working group

Yvonne Granfeldt, Chairman, Head Department of Food Technology, Engineering and Nutrition

Ulf Johansson, Vice Chairman, Director Centre for Retail Research at Lund University, Department of Business

Håkan Jönsson, Coordinator, Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences

Ann Moen, Communication Strategist, Lund University


Håkan Jönsson, Coordinator Lund University Food Studies, 

Ann Moen, Communication Strategist, Lund University,

Yvonne Granfeldt, Chairman, Head Department of Food Technology, Engineering and Nutrition,

Ulf Johansson, Vice Chairman, Director Centre for Retail Research at Lund University, Department of Business,


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