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The whole chain – The whole person

Education and research at Lund University cover the entire value chain from field to fork and the entire spectrum of humanity’s interaction with food – from the cellular level to the experience of eating.

Lund University has broad, multifaceted and high-quality activities covering the entire food and packaging sector. That includes research, research education as well as basic education. Lund University Food Studies (LUFO) has been constituted as a platform for all the activities within the food areas in the various parts in Lund University. With LUFO the university's activities in the food sector are made visible.
LUFO is also a point of contact to the university for various external stakeholders in the field.
LUFO’s website is a way to communicate both internally and externally, and Newsletters featuring the latest research while the Coming News focuses on upcoming events.

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Examensarbeten • World-leading field-flow fractionation • Utrustning för pilotskaleförsök och karaktärisering • Study on a healthy nordic diet • Biological particles stabilizing emulsions[more]

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